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  Jamie Barnes
Jamie Barnes has been writing and performing for years across Southern Ontario with the NYC Band, Ripoff Trio and many others. Picking up the guitar over a decade ago, it was a desire to find community and connection that inspired and propelled his musical journey.

Wading deep into pop hooks, contemporary roots rock, modern gospel, bluegrass and the soul of 1960’s & ‘70’s British R&B, the result is a diverse sound that questions as much as it celebrates, struggles equal to the wonder, and draws elements from artists like Ron Sexsmith, John Mayer, and The Band.

Listeners to this musical journey often remark, that a sense of something farther reaching is being responded to. That Jamie is heeding a call by immersing himself in exploration; playing for diverse audiences, each on their own journey.

Jamie’s music has provided a way to connect to something deeply felt but often unnamed in each of us. The songs recall the details and sharpen the rough-hewn sketches of the tows and currents in our hearts, as we return to the moments that held us rapt.

His album "Wilderness" won a Hamilton Music Award for "Best Religious Recording" in 2011, but he's not stopped there...

In 2013, Jamie released his follow-up EP titled "Coming Home." It's a collection of songs that mark the continuation of his journey; acknowledging times of transition, doubt, exploration, and renewal. While the name might suggest that this traveller has settled for the time being, Jamie notes that the creative process is never done; there are melodies to be harvested, and soulful reflections yet to be shared.

Most recently, Jamie followed up his 2019 release, "Christmas, Vol. 4", guessed it; "Christmas, Vol. 5", a title that says just what it is, and reminds listeners that he's got plans for the future!
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